First Habib Modaraba  

First Habib Modaraba (FHM) is a Listed Company which was established in 1985 as Non-Bank Islamic Financial Institution as one of the pioneers within Modaraba sector. FHM completed 39 years of successful business operations within the Modaraba sector of Pakistan. Modaraba sector of Pakistan is playing significant role for promotion of Islamic finance within Islamic Financial Services Industry of Pakistan. The concept of Modaraba was introduced in early 80s as the first Islamic Shariah business model with statutory framework and proper regulations.

Over the years FHM has been continuously recognizing for its satisfactory results, good corporate governance, best report culture and sound and stable credit rating. With a thrust to achieve operational excellence, FHM continue to improve operational processes, infrastructure and professional grooming of human resource in order to provide quality and reliable customer services including compliance of all regulatory and Shariah requirements.

Our commitment to enhance value for our stakeholders, driven through resilience of our business model and determination of our team members made us sound and leading Modaraba within the Modaraba sector. The Relationships that exceed beyond normal business this is how we have acquired the standing we possess today as most progressive Modaraba holding the loyalty and trust of thousands of stakeholders across the country. Our achievements are evidence to the solid business fundamentals and consistent financial management policies practiced across the Modaraba. Our focused business strategy keeps us firmly on path of sustainable growth and profitability.

We take great pride in the resilience and commitment that we have shown during the last two years of turmoil. By adopting cautious practices in our lending business, we were not only able to hold on to a trend of steady financial numbers but also achieved exceptional performance in 2021-22, This was made possible due to blessing Allah (SWT) and unmatched support of our investors and our customers along with hard and dedicated efforts of entire of FHM.

Our constant commitment for corporate excellence have not only kept us as leading Modaraba within the sector but also earned us recognition at national and international level. So far, FHM has secured several awards/accolades on best performance, best corporate report, best corporate disclosure and corporate excellence from reputable bodies, such as NBFI and Modaraba Association, ICAP and ICMAP, Management Association of Pakistan, and SAFA an apex body of SAARC. Furthermore, since last 13 years FHM has been securing AA+ rating as long term rating from Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Ltd., (PACRA) which depict soundness of the entity and also matter of great satisfaction for our investors.

As one of leading non-banking Islamic financial institutions, our core corporate objective always drive to create value for the society at large. Our financial strength, risk management protocols, governance framework and aspirations for sustainable growth are directly attributable to a discipline that regularly brings prosperity to our all stakeholders particularly our worthy investors and customers. Ambition, discipline and corporate excellence always motivate us for even better results. It is the combination of these key elements that frame our optimistic outlook for the future as well.

We sincerely believe that above all success and achievements are due to Blessing of Allah (SWT) and hard dedicate work of entire staff members through excellent team work across all levels of the organization. We thank Almighty Allah and bow our head for His blessing and bestowing upon us of journey of continuous success.


Ownership and Operating Structure

First Habib Modaraba (FHM) is managed by Habib Metropolitan Modaraba Management Company (Private) Limited Which is fully owned subsidiary of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited. The bank is having high reputation within the banking sector of Pakistan, with asset size of more than Rs.1,371 billon with branch network of over 500 as at December 31.2022 throughout the country