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First Habib Modaraba (FHM) is operating in Pakistan’s financial market as Non-Bank Islamic Financial Institution as one of the pioneers within Modaraba sector. With a track record of excellent performance of more than 3 decades is the success story of dedication and commitment to provide the investors a sound and continuous return. Consistency in distribution of dividends among the certificate holders along with increase in certificate holders’ equity has made FHM a top performing Modaraba within Modaraba sector.

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Elevating Professionalism, Joyfully Embracing Every Moment: Life at HabibModaraba.

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Empowering Futures, Cultivating Excellence: At HabibModaraba where professionalism Thrives.

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Unlock potential, embrace achievement, Guided by excellence, rise above all. Every milestone celebrated, every success refined,

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Redefining Responsibility, Nurturing Communities, Transforming Societal Opportunities.