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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social Responsibility

Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) is undertaking the role of “Corporate Citizen”. It ensures that business values and policies are align In such a way  to balance between improving and developing the wealth of  business and contributing for betterment of society  in an effective manner. 

FHM, being a socially responsible corporate entity, has been a regular contributor to the society and communities.  It has been our primary concern to ensure that contributing to community development should be continuously carried out.  Since last several years FHM has been donating nonprofit organization working for improvement educations, healthcare etc. FHM continues to encourage events and projects which focus on children, health and education in under privileged members of society. 

FHM having the ambition to serve the community with great professionalism and zeal has been always emphasizing on following areas for better environment and sustainability.

  •  Encourage staff members for avoiding of unnecessary wastage of resources such as excessive consumption of energy and paper printing etc. 
  • Motivate staff members for participation in activities which are beneficial for better environment at large.
  • Contribution on social community projects by staff members which are indeed a catalyst for any good corporate institution.
  •  In order to keep customers’ interest safe, FHM, from time to time address their grievances through their feedback and regular visits.
  • FHM encourage equal opportunity employment without any discrimination whether it is gender or any disability, we believe that every human mind having talent which can be benefitted to the institutions
  •  Health and safety always remain an utmost concern of the management of FHM

Within the HR policy, the staffs of FHM are covered under health and group life insurance policies with renowned insurance companies

  •  Strong internal controls are the one of the main corporate objectives. FHM promote sound ethical practices within the staff members with Risk & Reward concept. 

We must say that FHM is continuously striving for better prosperity of people, society and other stakeholders. It is our aim to create more value for prosperity of the society and nation.

Energy Conservation 

Encourage staff members for avoiding of unnecessary wastage of resources such as excessive consumption of energy etc.


Customer protection measures 

Our relationships with our customers depend upon trust. To retain this trust we must set our customers’ interest first while ensuring that all our customers are treated fairly according to the highest standards of service, transparency and responsible practices. We conduct our business in an ethical way guided by our core values of mutual respect, professionalism and commitment. Customer protection is an essential element of any financial system. It is not only important to protect existing customers but it also helps to boost confidence within the financial system for potential customer of future as well.

FHM is always committed to give best and secured services to its customers. Confidentiality and non-disclosure of the customer data is one of the strict guideline given by the management to the staff. The IT department has secured the data by using following techniques:

  • Only allow authorize staff access to the information required by them in order to discharge their day to day job responsibilities.
  • Encrypt any personal information held electronically that would cause damage or distress if it were lost or stolen.
  • Securely remove all personal information before disposing of old computers (by using technology or destroying the hard disk).

Environment protection measures

It is our corporate objective to consume minimum natural resources and create low emission and waste. We also discourage those customers whose businesses are not environment friendly. FHM conscious on negative effect of waste and initiated following measures to minimize use of paper.

  • Electronic documents managements system introduced to minimize printing of papers.
  • Customers’ correspondences being sent via emails.
  • Web based communication system has been started to communicate with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Constantly raise staff awareness for paperless office concept and discourage unnecessary printing of documents.

Business ethics and anti-corruption measures

We believe that in financial institutions the ethics of employees play a very vital part for institutional reputation and sustainable development. Similarly the ethical boundaries are also utmost important for our other stakeholders such as supplier, customer, investors and certificate holders.

FHM’s Code of Ethics spells out the expected standards of behavior and sets the operating principles to be followed. Our Code of Ethics requires that it is necessary to ensure that the standards of behavior expected from Management and employees are followed to the letter and spirit. In this connection, FHM’s Code of Ethics clearly stipulates the expected standard of behavior and the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” the employees must observe. Further, the Code provides guidance on identification, follow up action and reporting of malpractices, if any.

At FHM we are fully committed to comply with local laws and regulations as well as applying a strict code of conduct to all employees. FHM convinced that ethical management is not only a support for effective responding to the rapid change to overall business environment but also a strong channel for building trust with its various segments of society.

For sustainable development and performance, we have developed following professional Code of Ethics which adhered and implemented at all levels. These principles have been guiding through our own practices

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Comply with Shariah governance.
  • Be fair with investor and customer.
  • Give transparent and timely information to our investors.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customers’ information.
  • Do not encourage anti-environmental activities.
  • Do not engage in speculative activities.