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 (An Islamic Financial Institution)


All praise and thanks are Allah’s

First Habib Modaraba (FHM) is operating in Pakistan’s financial market as Non-Bank Islamic Financial Institution as one of the pioneers within Modaraba sector. With a track record of excellent performance of more than 3 decades is the success story of dedication and commitment to provide the investors a sound and continuous return. Consistency in distribution of dividends among the certificate holders along with increase in certificate holders’ equity has made FHM a top performing Modaraba within Modaraba sector.

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The steady rise in the cost of vehicles has made buying the car of your choice a difficult reality.
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Certificate of Investment (Musharakah based)

It is on the basis of this expertise and know-how that FHM presents a prime investment opportunity in the form of Certificate of Investment
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Diminishing Musharaka

In Arabic it is called Shirkat-ul-Mutanaqisa. Diminishing Musharaka is just a Musharaka with an additional feature of decreasing ownership of one party.
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Istisna’a is a sale contract between the FHM as Al-Sani (the seller) and the customer as Al-Mustasni (the ultimate purchaser) whereby the FHM.
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Murabaha is a non-participatory mode of Islamic financing where the FHM sells the asset required by its client to the client on cost-plus profit basis.
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A Salam, (sometimes referred to as Salaf) is a short-term agreement in which a financial institution makes full prepayments for future delivery of a specified quantity of goods on a specified date.
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Credit Rating

Best Corporate Report Award 2018

The Joint Committee of ICAP and ICMAP in their ceremony held on August 20th, 2019 have awarded the 1st position "Best Corporate Report Award 2019". FHM is the only Modaraba in entire Modaraba sector who has been receiving this award since the last ten consecutive years.

Corporate Excellence Certificate Award

FHM has received “34th Corporate Excellence Certificate Award” from The Management Association of Pakistan. FHM has been receiving this award for last nine  consecutive years. The award ceremony was held on 9th April, 2019, at Karachi

Notice of Annual Review Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Review Meeting of certificate-holders of First Habib Modaraba will be held on October 22, 2018 at 3.00 p.m. at Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) Building, ST-18/C Block-6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, to review the performance of the Modaraba for the year ended June 30, 2018.

First Habib Modaraba announces 25 percent cash dividend

The  Board of Directors in their meeting held on August 29, 2018, announced the cash dividend of 25 percent. The financial performance of the Modaraba remained satisfactory in 2017-18

Best Islamic NBFC Award (COMSAT)

COMSAT has award Best Islamic Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) 2018 Award to "First Habib Modaraba in the ceremony held as on 13th March 2018 at Lahore

SAFA BPA "Certificate of Merit" award to First Habib Modaraba (FHM)

SAFA in its award ceremony held on 22 january 2019 Pune,India, awarded SAFA "Certificate of Merit" Award to First Habib Modaraba (FHM) in the category of "Financial Services Sector" for "Best Presented Annual report Awards" and " SAARC Anniversary Award for Corporate Governance Disclosures" for the year 2018. FHM has been receiving this award since last eight consecutive years. Press Release

PACRA Maintains Ratings of First Habib Modaraba (FHM)

According to Pakistan, credit Rating Agency Limited has PACRA provide their press release dated December 30, 2017, the FHM was assigned rating scale of AA+ for long-term and A1+ for short term. These ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk emanating from a very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments.

FPCCI Achievement Award

As on 4th October 2017 FPCCI has awarded “FPCCI Achievement Award” to First Habib Modaraba (FHM) under the category of NBFI.  This recognition has been given to FHM for promotion of Islamic Finance within NBFI and Modaraba sector. Detail

Best performing Modaraba award from NBFI and Modaraba Association of Pakistan

For the financial year ended 30th June, 2016, the NBFI and Modaraba Association of Pakistan, has awarded Best Performing Modaraba Award to FHM within the Modaraba sector. FHM has secured 2nd position in above award category. The award ceremony was held on May 23, 2017 at Karachi. Detail

Transfer of Management Rights

Management Rights transfer process of First Habib Modaraba (FHM) from Habib Modaraba Management (Pvt.) Limited to Habib Metropolitan Modaraba Management Company (Pvt.) Limited (HMMML) has been completed and Management of FHM has been now taken over by HMMML.

Last updated on 17/10/2019