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Shariah Advisors

Mufti Abdul Sattar Leghari

Mufti Abdul Sattar Laghari holds a Shahadat-ul-A’almiah (Dars- e-Nizami) and a Master Scholar from Jamia Darul-Uloom, Korangi, Karachi and Wifaq ul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan. He holds specialization (Takhassus) in Islamic Fiqh and Fatwa from Darul Ifta wal lrshad Nazimabad 4 Karachi with Master In Islamic Studies from University of Karachi.

Mufti Laghari also holds a certificate of one year correspondence course in Islamic Law & Shariah from Shariah Academy International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan alongwith certificates of various courses on Islamic Banking and Finance conducted by prominent learning Centers in Pakistan & Malaysia. He secured top position within Islamic Banking Certificate Course # 20 conducted at NIBAF Karachi.

He has been providing Shariah Advisory services since 2005. He previously worked as Shariah Advisor in Islamic Banking Division of National Bank of Pakistan and presently associated as Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM) and Head Shariah Compliance with Islamic Banking Division of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited - SIRAT. Besides, he is also Shariah Advisor of KASB Modarabah and also gives Shariah advisory services to NBFI and Modarabah Association of Pakistan from time to time.

Mufti Laghari has remained a member of subcommittee for review of some AAOIFI Shariah standards at State Bank of Pakistan. He is a master trainer in Islamic Banking and Finance and has conducted extensive courses throughout Pakistan. Mufti Laghari has a vast field experience of various types of transactions executed in Islamic banking industry and Modarabah sector. During his career he has also issued numerous fatwas on general as well as financial & Islamic Banking Issues. He is also Imam and Khateeb at Jamiah Masjid Tauheed Nazimabad 2.