Welcome to First Habib Modaraba

 (An Islamic Financial Institution)




A long term partnership 

Over the years, First Habib Modaraba (FHM) has become the sound, strong and leading Modaraba within the Modaraba sector. Our stable financial performance and market positions of our businesses have placed us well to deliver sustainable growth and continuous return to our investors since inception.

During successful business operation of more than 3 decades, FHM had undergone with various up and down and successfully countered with several economic & business challenges. Ever-changing requirement of business, product innovation and development were effectively managed and delivered at entire satisfaction of all stakeholders with steady growth on sound footing.

Consistency in perfect sharing of profits among the certificate holders along with increase in certificate holders' equity has made FHM a sound and well performing Modaraba within the sector.

Our long term success is built on a firm foundation of commitment. FHM's financial strength, risk management protocols, governance framework and performance aspirations are directly attributable to a discipline that regularly brings prosperity to our partners and gives strength to our business model which is based on true partnership.

Conquering with the challenges of our operating landscape, we have successfully journeyed steadily and progressively, delivering consistent results. With the blessing of Allah (SWT), we are today the leading Modaraba within the Modaraba sector of Pakistan, demonstrating our strength, financial soundness and commitment in every aspect of our business.

We thank Almighty Allah (SWT) for His blessing and bestowing upon us of Journey of Continuous Success. We are confident that in future we will continue to keep sound and stable position of FHM by following best business practices and good corporate governance by fulfilling all applicable regulatory and Shariah requirements.